MIUI 11 Battery Drain Issue: Solved


Recently I updated my phone from MIUI 10 to MIUI 11. I was really happy with the battery backup in MIUI 10. But after upgrading to MIUI 11, I noticed, the battery is draining really fast which made me frustrated. Previously I used to get almost 9+ hours of SOT(screen on time). But after the update, the SOT that I was getting was nearly 6 hours.

I tried several steps to increase the SOT. Most of the users are also suffering from this problem. I hope these steps will help you

MIUI has introduced many features by default which decrease the battery life. If you turn off a few of them, you will notice a dramatic increase in battery backup

System Printing Service – Turn off


Turn off System Printing Service if you are not using it. It continuously searches for printers.

Auto Backups: Turn off

From about phone > Backup & reset > Auto Backup > Turn OFF

Auto Backup
Auto Backup

Turn Off Location Access

This feature always gives access to your location which drains a lot of battery health. I will suggest to turn it off.

Location Sharing
Location Access

Intelligent WiFi assistant: Turn Off

Wifi > Additional Settings >Wifi Assistant>Turn Off

wifi assistant
Wifi Assistant

User experience Program: Turn Off

Passwords & Security > Privacy > User Experience Program > Turn OFF

User experience
Turn off User Experience Program

Turn Off These Features

You can turn off these features based on your own preferences. I turned them off and it helps to extend the battery life.

Settings > Sound & Vibration > Additional Settings
Vibration on TAP
Tap Sounds
Delete Sound
Screen Locking Sound
Dial Pad Tones

Settings > Password & Security > Privacy > User Experience Program > Send Diagnostic Data Automatically > Turn OFF

Diagnostic Data

Few additional Settings

  • Reduced sleep time to 30 seconds
  • Cleared cache from Storage
  • Use the Default Theme
  • Notifications Icons from Status Bar
  • Show carrier when Device is locked
  • App vault

Personalized Ad Recommendations: Turn Off

Settings > Password & Security > Privacy > Ad Services > Personalized Ad Recommendations > Turn Off

Personalized Ad Recommendations

Following these few steps, you can get 9+ hours of SOT. I’m getting 9 hours of SOT in MIUI 11.

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