How To Delete Google Search History

Google is a huge data repository. Billions of people are using Google every day from desktop, laptop, and mobile phones. People are searching for websites, images, news, videos, and whatnot.

Google Search History

Usually, all the search history remains in the browser and due to these histories users sometimes face embarrassing situations.


By looking at the site names in the search list, anyone can get a general idea about you. Especially if you are more interested in something or spend more time on the internet for some reason, it can be understood by reviewing the history of Google search. As a result, this search history is very important for anyone who is an internet user. Therefore, experts believe that search history should always be blank. So, you should delete your search history often

How to Delete search history from Google?

Sign in to Google first and then go to My Activity from the following link.
MyActivity (

My Activity

At this stage, the delete activity by option must be selected
Now, you will find options to delete search history. You can delete the search list for today or the last 3 days. Delete history according to your own preferences.

delete activity

You can also delete from your mobile

Login to in the same way from your smartphones. Then on the left side of the My Activity option, a menu option with three lines will appear. There you can delete your search list by following the rules mentioned earlier above.

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