All about Python Lambda Function

Though the word lambda function sounds like something difficult it’s really really easy to understand. It is one of the fundamental concepts in functional programming. It’s basically a function with only one expression. You cant use any for loops, while loops in a lambda function.

Lambda is an anonymous function in Python. You can make functions in Python in two ways: def and lambda. I assume you already know how to create a function using a def keyword. Lambda function gives us the opportunity to create inline function definition where def statement won’t work

Syntax of Using Python Lamda Function

lambda arguments: expression
Here, the expression is executed and the result is returned:

Lamda FUnction
Working Procedure of Lambda Function

How to use Python Lambda Function?

Lambda is defined at the point where we need to use it and need not be named. Imagine, you have to write a function that can return the sum of three numbers. The typical way of writing the function is given below

def adder(x, y, z):
	return (x + y + z)

The equivalent syntax using a lambda expression would be

f = lambda x, y, z: x + y + z

Why We Use Lambda Function

It’s very often used with python built-ins like map and filter because lambda returns a value of single expression – there’s no return keyword. Lambda functions are conceived to write short functions in place, making the code more easy to understand. It reduces the dependency on creating new functions.

The power of lambda is better shown when you use them as an anonymous function inside another function. Say you have a function definition that takes one argument, and that argument will be multiplied with an unknown number:


Anonymous Functions

The Lambda function may be used interchangeably depending on the programming language type. Lambda function is also known as

  • Anonymous functions
  • Lambda functions
  • Lambda expressions
  • Lambda abstractions
  • Lambda form
  • Function literals

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